We are really interested in how this scarf could be activated. We are interested in women, in particular groups of women and what happens when they come together. It was a very special time last time we were here at Hospitlfields.

Yes it was. We were very nervous before meeting you all last time, because we had brought an essay with us  for everyone to read but we came away really uplifted after the meeting. Just the light in that room and the positive energy we felt from everyone, we felt, we felt great.

Yes, but also this text that we brought with us we were very unsure about what kind of reaction we might get and actually everyone had an understanding about Yoko Ono and her work or her relationship to John Lennon. It was very special. We feel like it's always special when a group of women come together. And then we did some tarot reading as well.

I missed that bit!

It’s a very quick way of doing a reading.

I took the scarf down to York to the Flying Scotsman and my Mum took some pictures of me and uploaded them all to Facebook! My cousin saw the photos and was commenting on the photos saying What the fuck are you doing? and others were politely saying Oh that’s nice.

But to be honest I was too frightened to wear it in case I lost it. I was so relieved to hand it back.

Transcript from meeting at Hospitalfields House 2016